Site Updates

We'll be your web team!

Websites are always a work in progress. Like good gardens, they require ongoing planning, love and care. At Zuram, we want all of our customers to be successful using the web. Part of keeping a site successful is continuous monitoring, updating, content writing and visitor engagement. Let us be part of your team, and we’ll keep your website working for your business. We’ll keep the content updated and relevant while working with you to ensure your site supports your business goals and aligns with company strategy.

Proactive Maintenance

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With our proactive maintenance plans, you’ll have a web department continuously working to keep your website successful for your company.

Included Features

Monthly Site Check-Ins and Updates
We’ll perform a monthly comprehensive review to ensure your website is up to date, refreshed and optimized.
One Point of Contact
You'll work directly with a dedicated account manager on everything your website needs - from updates to web marketing to redesigns.
Blog, News and Events Updates
We’ll work with you to refresh your dynamic news and blog content (to keep visitors - and Google coming back.)
Quick Site Updates
When you have updates to post, we’ll get them up quickly, usually a day or less.